Our services


Urban Planning & Building Compliance

We provide:

  • Mapping, audit and identification of property by property titles and building permit.
  • Regularization - Legitimation of unauthorized construction according to N.4178 / 2013.
  • Building Energy Audit.

You Gain:

  • Identification of potential problems and immediate resolution from the initial stage of the transaction.
  • Creation of a complete building identity and collection of all data for an objective and complete presentation of the for sale / lease / exploitation property.
  • Instant transaction preparedness and acceleration..


We provide:

  • Complete visual presentation of real estate (eg photos, videos, etc.).
  • Informing prospective buyer / lessee on technical and non aspects relating to property from the initial stage (eg land use, energy performance class, construction details, public utility networks, etc.).
  • Gleaning investment cases that do not meet our requirements and are deemed unreasonable.

You Gain:

  • Great variety of properties with complete and accurate provided information.
  • Professional guidance and targeted search for properties to buy / lease / invest, saving time and money.
  • Dynamic and foundation for a successful investment after the transaction.
  • Realistic investment opportunities.

Technical assistance

We provide:

  • Administration and Management of technical projects and studies.
  • Project’s financial and time planning.
  • Reconstructions and internal conformation - renovations - energy efficiency upgrade.
  • Building construction.

You Save:

  • High quality technical services, saving money since the owner is exempted from middlemen and unnecessary additional inspection costs.
  • Upgrading property’s value and ensuring better resale value.
  • Increased demand for rental of the apartment - property.
  • Possibility of increasing the renting fee.


We provide:

  • Services of Technical Counselling and Technical Security Coordinator.
  • Study and proposals for building investment and exploitation.

You Gain:

  • Responsible and "first hand" technical advice.
  • Creating and implementing a business plan and maximize building performance.


Our philosophy

The rapid and complete a real estate transaction is the foundation for starting a successful investment. Amendments at urban planning and tax laws have led to confusion sellers and buyers, resulting to the delay or cancellation of the transaction due to problems and shortcomings that arise during a purchase.

The 2k @ property services, works in the field of fast, reliable and trustworthy marketplace.

The prospective seller is informed by the initial contact, to collect all the necessary documents for the transaction, the completeness of which is a basic requirement for the property to be presented immediately on our platform.

If the seller cannot collect these documents himself, we undertake with competitive packages, the collection of documents and the determination of project’s detailed technical information, so that the future transaction be done quickly and successfully.

The seller gain …

  • Complete and objective presentation of the property.
  • 100% property’s preparedness for future transaction.
  • Saving time and money.
  • Responsible, reliable and friendly collaboration environment.

The Buyer gain …

  • Reliable updating with complete technical description for the property market in order to "build" its investment plan, even before the purchase of the property.
  • Acceleration of investment’s procedures and fast property purchase.
  • Consulting services for the development and completion of the investment target.
  • Responsible, reliable and friendly collaboration environment.

Integrated Property Services

Kateris L. Ioannis - Structural Engineer
Karavasilis L. Dimitris - Civil Engineer / Surveyor

Gogou Bakola 27, P.O 47132 Arta, Greece
Tel: (+30.26810) 23277
Fax: (+30.26810) 23277
E-mail: info@2kproperty.gr
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Who we are

Kateris L. Ioannis
Structural Engineer
A.M. TEE: 93071 / ΓΕΜΗ: 136374815000

Karabasilis L. Dimitrios
Civil Engineer / Surveyor
A.M. TEE: 102077 / ΓΕΜΗ: 136384315000



  • Rent
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Renovation
  • Utilization


  • Planning compliance
  • Mediation
  • Technical assistance
  • Counselling



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Property registration

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